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All round Afric made it's mark in 2007, when it emerged and took Construction to a whole new level. Owner and innovator James Williams took renovation to the top, with a perfect balance of "Old school" and a "new era" twist.

With a dedicated team leader and extraordinary staff, willing to take on any job no matter the expectations, combined with the company's willingness to strive for perfection and proficiency, construction has a whole new meaning.

Our Vision
To provide unsurpassed quality products, services turnkey solutions for all our clients.

Our Mission
All Round Afric is committed to meeting and exceeding customer expectations, and generating mutual trust by delivering the highest quality goods and services
• As agreed
• When agreed
• Within budget

Ethical behaviour that All Round Afric values include:
When quoting for the job:
• Being honest about our work capacity, qualifications, and ability
• Providing correct prices
• Bidding independently when tendering for jobs

While the work is in progress:
• Keeping administrative documentation in order
• Keeping costs within the budget
• Completing jobs within the agreed upon time frame
• Enforcing fair labour practices at all times

Upon completion of the work:
• Honouring all given guarantees
• Paying sub-contractors in a timely fashion, and in full